Xtreme Outdoors
1xtremeoutdoorCamping, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, trekking, skiing? We are the leading importer of outdoor gear in Kenya.Open: 9:30am to 7pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
T: 0736-411527
E: marcel@xtremeoutdoors.co.ke
W: Xtreme Outdoors
Product: Camping, hiking, climbing, skiing equipment
Floor: 1st
Pro Bikes
2probikes Full range of adult and children’s mountain bikes, trikes and accessories. Repair and servicing done in house.Open: 9:30am to  7pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
T: 0721-257699
E: probikeskenya@gmail.com
W: Pro Bikes/Facebook
Product: Bicycles
Floor: 2nd